Welcome to the APP Film Festival!

The APP Film Festival will be held in 2018 in Melbourne, Australia, for its inaugural event. Three keywords will help you understand what this festival offers.

1. Pioneer. The word outlines the gist of the Festival which aim to develop innovative and creative cinematic ideas into feature-length films. We embrace all kinds of films and scripts, as long as you think they are innovative and brave enough. 

2. Professional. We aim to provide a range of professional support no matter in funding, crewing and/or filmmaking. The only purpose of this is to help you make an amazing film and awaken your dream. Also, the Festival is enhanced by its jury members who are experienced and renowned film professionals in the industry. They will not only judge the submissions but also guide our participants in an artistic perspective. 

3. Asia-Pacific. Starting in Melbourne, Australia, the Festival takes on the responsibility in boosting the film industry and tourism economy in the Asia-Pacific region. As an annually cinematic event, it does not take place in a permanent location but varies from year to year in the region. Where's the next destination? Join us and find out. 

Should you feel the Festival is 'the one' for you, do not hesitate to submit your work or contact us for detailed information. Submissions are being accepted now. Click here to learn how to submit.